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ScanDir Version 1.3.3 released

ScanDir Version 1.3.3 has been released and can be downloaded from the ScanDir website . This update of ScanDir contains fixes for known problems in previous versions and one major change compared to version 1.3.2: the drive selection box has been removed and all drives are now grouped under 'This PC' in the directory tree. The main advantage of this new tree structure is that all connected PC drives can be scanned at once. Updates: + Added: All drives are grouped in Dir.Tree under 'This PC'. + Added: Set User Font restored (Configuration | Advanced). + Added: Select file size: Bytes/Kbytes/MBytes/GBytes. + Added: Additional log messages. + Added: On-Click, Filename in Information display is copied to clipboard. + Added: Configuration option to suppress PopUp message(s) during Scan. + Added: Attribute: update File date created. + Added: new command: Empty file. + Added: Find (Ctrl+F) in Item list. + Added: Invert selection. + Changed: Delete button mov