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ScanDir beta 1.3.3 build 1030

ScanDir beta 1.3.3 build 1030 can be downloaded for testing from the ScanDir website . This update of ScanDir contains fixes for known problems in previous versions and one major change compared to version 1.3.2: the drive selection box has been removed and all drives are now grouped under 'This PC' in the directory tree. The main advantage of this new tree structure is that all drives can be scanned at once. A potential disadvantage is that some operations may take longer to complete. Use the directory context menu (right-click in Dir.Tree) to access the directory tree: Scan: start Scan from selected directory. When 'This PC' is selected, all folders on all drives are scanned. *WARNING* 'Scan: This PC' may last VERY long! Refresh: Rebuild the directory from the selected directory. Changes in the folder structure made by other programs become visible. Expand all: Expand all folders under the selected directory. *WARNING* 'Expand all' for