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ScanDir beta 1.3.3 -- build 1314

ScanDir beta 1.3.3 build 1215 can be downloaded for testing from the ScanDir website. The latest build 1314 (released on Jan 15, 2019) fixes issues from build 1215. Updates: + Added: All drives are grouped in Dir.Tree under 'This PC'. + Added: Set User Font restored (Configuration | Advanced). + Added: Select file size: Bytes/Kbytes/MBytes/GBytes. + Added: Additional log messages. + Added: On-Click, Filename in Information display is copied to clipboard. + Added: Configuration option to suppress PopUp message(s) during Scan. + Changed: Delete button moved from top to Scan/Dir/Stop buttons. + Removed: n/a + Fixed: Shift+U and Shift+D to move (re-order) entries in item list. + Fixed: USB drives did not show in Copy/Move dialog. + Fixed: Multiple Rename "Reply: Yes to All" messages. + Fixed: Source directory not deleted after "Move Directory". + Fixed: Process files with .jpeg extension as .jpg image. + Fixed: Show message (log, status display